PROHULL LTD has been established on April 1996 to provide technical advisory services which cover all types and sizes of vessels worldwide. Our aim is to support and advise our clients in order to protect their technical and commercial interests. PROHULL aims to provide real benefits to its clients by concentrating on areas of proven expertise, these include:


Certified Ultrasonic Gauging for Annual,  Intermediate, Special and/or other Surveys.

Pre-purchase Surveys. Inspection and preparation of a report detailing conditions of hull, machinery and all other ship's equipment.

Preparation of steelwork repairs specification with steelweight estimation and detailed description of structural members to be renewed in Computer aided Drawings (CAD).

Conditional Surveys.
Damage Surveys.

Preparation of repair / dry-docking specifications. Estimation of hull damages.

Superintendence on Owner's behalf for structural renewals, repairs and alterations. This includes close-up survey of all structural members as well as quality control of repaired areas of the vessel.

Preparation of steelwork repairs, carried out by any repair yard, with digital colored photographs appended to the repairs report for classification. Estimation and checking of Shipyard's repair cost upon completion of the repairs.